About the Art:

The art on my website can be divided up into three categories.

Original Works :  100% my work.

Remixes :  Public domain images that I translated or rewrite (heavily edited) to bring out some other meaning that I saw at the time.

Restored/Remastered Reproduction : This has been a practice of mine - editing and restoring public domain images that include a lot of things as a way to mediate and/or get into the flow.  I decided that these images should be shared.

However, I have received some criticism for this.  To that I am like, whatever. Really, no matter what you do - somebody is going to take some issue with it.  I try to identify the orginal artist when available. When editing my goal is to keep the essence and the wabi-sabi aesthetics of the orginal art.  I believe that the art embodies the artist and by not doing this - the artist is being silenced. 



About the Prints:

All prints are produced by me on a professional printer.

 I am currently offering

  • 8x10 with no border
  • 11x14 with a 5mm white border
  • 13x19 with a 1/4 inch white border

I hope in the near future to be able to offer 16x20 prints as well, after investing into a larger printer that supports that size.

The paper I use is a high quality 11mil resin-coated pro luster paper. I like this paper because it gives the art work a satin like finish, and provides for a long fade-free life and resists yellowing.

Please allow 2 days from order date for production. I personally print each work of art myself.


About Shipping:

Prints ship in rolled tube USPS First Class Mail, with tracking.

Before shipping prints are left to fully cure.  The front is protected with acid free paper, before being rolled and placed into a protected bag.  Then placed into the shipping tube.


About Jamie:

 I don't think I can sum up my life in just an about page - feel free to visit my personal site - jamiestarling.com. 


Questions? Would like to know me better? Send me a message.